4 Tips How To Reduce Stress When Moving

July 14, 2017 admin

Moving home isn’t the easiest thing to cope with. The stress can build and build. There’s a lot that you go through prior to moving home. Finding a home, all the legalities and if you have a family, it adds to the stress too. A lot happens that’s out of your control.

The thing is, you do you have a lot of control over the whole moving process. At Guardian, we take the stress out of moving with our customer focused removal service. We have years of experience in helping customers move so we’re going to give you 4 points you should adopt in helping relieve any stress you may have in regard to moving home:

Make sure you prepare for the move

We can imagine that you’re going to be really excited for the big move or filled with a little trepidation going into the unknown but you shouldn’t leave anything off. Make sure that you tick all the boxes prior to moving day. Make sure all your friends and family know where you’re moving to. Inform your doctor of the address change and even the utility company. Other things you need to consider are redirecting your mail, only taking items you need so declutter and pack all your clothes efficiently.

Give yourself enough time before moving

Plan ahead and estimate how much time you’re going to need to prepare for the big move. If you need to plan to get things ready it may be worthwhile asking for time off work, limit your social time and prioritise your time for moving day.

Keep valuables safe

By using the likes of a reliable removals company like Guardian, we make sure that all your valuables are safe with the materials we use when everything is in transit. We take the stress away with this whole process. If you’re doing it yourself, use sturdy boxes and label them accordingly so you know what each box contains.

Take care of your well being

Take time out to look after yourself. If you’re finding the whole build up to the move too much. Go for a walk. Go to the gym and work out. Go with a friend to a restaurant or a long drive. Ease the stress. All these things help. And when you feel centred. You can return to what you were doing.

If you follow these tips, you should find that moving home isn’t as stressful as you thought. Give Guardian a call and we’ll be able to take control and you can get a rest.