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Containerised Storage in Edinburgh

For over 100 years, the removals and storage industry has been using containerised storage as the principal means of collecting, storing, and delivering their clients items for long and shortterm storage periods. 

At Guardian Removals, we offer containerised storage to our customers, giving them peace of mind that their belongings are safe and secure in Edinburgh. 


What is containerised storage?

Containerised storage is a type of storage unit that is typically made from sturdy materials such as steel or wood. This is what you may imagine when you think of a storage container. These weather-resistant storage facilities are individual units meaning they can be transported easily without the need to move your items into a separate container. 


Containerised Storage at Guardian Removals 

At Guardian Removals, we offer a wide range of storage options. Our storage containers can house up to 300 cubic feet of space, offering you the perfect storage solution for items that are larger in dimension. Storage containers are also ideal for customers who need to transport their belongings as they can be easily loaded onto removal trucks without the need to decant the content from one storage unit to another.

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    The Benefits of Containerised Storage

    Containerised storage has many benefits that allow customers to be more flexible with their belongings. Below, we have listed just some of the benefits you can expect from containised storage:

    • Security: At Guardian Removals, our storage facilities have 24-hour CCTV and the latest alarm systems to ensure your valuables are protected at all times of the day. 
    • Weather Resistance: Typically made of steel and wood, these containers are able to withstand various weather conditions such as rain, snow, and fluctuating temperatures. 
    • Mobility: Containerised storage can be easily transported as they are individual units. This is perfect for customers who want their belongings to be transported. 
    • Reduced Handling: Using storage containers means there is less need for handling items once they are packed into the storage unit if items need to be transported. 
    • Organisation: Storage units provide structure and organisation when storing your belongings, as you can keep track of where items are and have access to them when needed. 


    Is Containerised Storage For Me?

    It can be difficult to decide what type of storage solution you need for your requirements. Containerised storage is typically the best for people who need somewhere to store their items but don’t need frequent access to their storage unit. Additionally, this can be perfect for people who plan to store their valuables in the storage container for a long time. 

    If you need to transport your items, you may benefit from choosing containerised storage as the storage units themselves are loaded onto removal trucks if and when they need to be transported. This means your belongings don’t need to be handled multiple times, minimising the risk of damage to your valuables.


    How Guardian Removals Can Help You

    We believe that containerised storage is the most secure way to store your household belongings due to the reduction in the number of times the goods will need to be handled, which reduces the chance of damages occurring. You can rest assured your items are always kept dry, safe, and secure in our warehouse. 

    If you need containerised storage, get in touch with us today and one of our experts will be ready to help you. We also welcome all clients to come and view our secure storage facility for total peace of mind; we even make good coffee!


    Containerised Storage FAQs


    What is the meaning of containerised storage?

    Containerised storage is a storage unit that is made of steel or wood, typically known as a storage container. These containers allow for easy transportation on removal trucks as they are individual containers meaning if you need to transport your belongings, containerised storage may be for you. 


    Are storage containers safe? 

    Storage containers are a safe and secure way of storing your items. At Guardian Removals, we offer added security with our 24-hour CCTV and up-to-date alarm systems to provide the utmost care and attention for your valuables. Get in touch with us today to start storing your valuables with us in our secure warehouse! 


    What is the difference between shipping containers and storage containers?

    Shipping containers typically come in one size and are used to store goods during transit. These are the containers you typically see on ships. Storage containers, however, come in a range of sizes and can be made of different materials. If you require containerised storage, this will be a storage container, not a shipping container.