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Moving piles of hard-copy records from your offices to an off-site centre may seem strenuous, but with our world-class storage facilities, team, and fleet of vehicles, it’s a lot easier than it seems.

The term “off-site” sounds like your information is harder to obtain, but with our rigorous classification and cataloguing systems; combined with electronic or physical retrieval on demand through our web portal, those paper records become more accessible than ever before.


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    What is Document Storage? 

    Document storage refers to storing and managing documents in a systematic and organised manner. It is also referred to as archive storage or record storage. This can be either physical or digital documents. However, document storage is not just about storing your documents but also having easy access to your records should you need them. 


    Document and Archive Storage with Guardian Removals 

    At Guardian Removals, we have purpose-built record centres that operate with a strict security policy, keeping your documents protected. If you have paper documents, we have a physical document storage facility for you. Our facility is also secure with its perimeter fencing and 24/7 alarmed premises, meaning you can have peace of mind knowing your information is under supervision at all times. 

    Our record management system also means your documents can be easily retrieved when you want them to be. This is achieved through our unique cloud-based solution, allowing us to offer sameday and nextday delivery and retrieval. If you need an off-site storage facility for all your documents, contact us today, and we can start the process of moving your records into one of our archive storage facilities.

    The Benefits of Document Storage

    Document storage offers numerous benefits for businesses and individuals. Below, we have listed some key differences you might see if you invest in document storage:


    • Organisation and Accessibility: By moving your records into a document storage facility, your documents will be organised systematically, making it easier to locate important documents when you need them. 
    • Space Efficiency: Storing your records off-site means you can have more space in your office, allowing you to expand or downsize depending on your needs. 
    • Security and Confidentiality: At Guardian Removals, we have several security measures put in place to ensure your documents are protected. Our facilities are alarmed, and our staff are trained in data protection, meaning we guarantee your records are safe with us. 
    • Efficiency and Productivity: By systematically storing your records, you can reduce the time spent on manual document retrieval and management tasks. 


    Do I Need Document Storage?

    Businesses typically use document and archive storage for various reasons. Generally, companies decide they need document storage when have too many documents and have no place to store them. By having an offsite archive facility, you can not only have more room in your office building, but we also offer a systematic organisation of your documents.

    Alternatively, some businesses decide to have a record storage facility as they require more security surrounding their documents. At Guardian Removals, we have a strict security policy that means only you and the people you have approved can access your information. 


    Document Security Measures 

    Your assets are tracked with a barcode system. This tracking method allows you to monitor a complete audit trail of an asset, from deposit to disposal. We can send you details on storage, a history of activity, and a comprehensive spend and trend analysis. This granular reporting is tailored for you, to give you transparency over where your records are, when they’ve been retrieved, and when they’re scheduled for disposal.


    Store Your Documents With Guardian Removals 

    At Guardian Removals, we take pride in our storage facilities, keeping your documents and other belongings safe. Our document storage facilities offer you a place to store physical documents without the hassle of transporting them yourself. We have a team of dedicated staff that will collect your documents, taking the stress out of transporting your records, no matter how many you have. 

    If you need any more information about our document storage services or our other services such as self-storage or containerised storage, feel free to contact us today.

    Document and Archive Storage FAQs


    What is a record storage facility? 

    A record storage facility is the same as a document storage facility. This is where documents are stored in a storage unit generally for long-term storage. Documents that are typically stored in these off-site facilities are business documents, papers, and any other important documents. 


    How do I store a lot of documents?

    One way of storing your documents is by storing them in an off-site storage facility. At Guardian Removals, you can rest assured that your documents are safe in one of our storage facilities as we have strict security measures and 24/7 alarmed premises to ensure your records are protected. 


    Where is the best place to store physical documents?

    If you have any paper and physical documents, we can help you. Our record storage facilities are capable of storing all your documents with a computerised system that helps organise your records systematically. This can also help with the retrieval of documents as and when you need them. If you need storage for your documents, contact us today, and we will find the best storage solution for you.