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Long-Term Storage

At Guardian Removals, we offer long-term storage solutions, providing our customers with peace of mind that their belongings will be safe and secure for an extended period of time. 

Whether you are downsizing, moving abroad, travelling, or simply need extra storage, we can offer convenient storage for your belongings.


What is Long-Term Storage?

Long-term storage facilities give you a safe and secure place to store your belongings for at least 3 months. The duration of long-term storage can vary depending on the customer’s specific needs, and belongings can be stored for any length of time between 3 months and several years.

Long-term storage can be a good solution for a range of situations. For example, if you are moving abroad for a year, you can store your belongings in a storage unit until you return. Additionally, if you are downsizing or relocating and need to store excess furniture, a long-term storage unit can prove helpful for some time.

Extra storage offsite is sometimes necessary for businesses to provide a secure space for documents that require systematic organisation.

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    What Can Be Stored Long-Term?

    Below are a handful of examples of belongings that can be stored in a long-term storage facility:

    • Furniture
    • Holiday decorations
    • Sports equipment
    • Classic cars
    • Clothes 
    • Important documents

    Long-Term Storage Facility Options

    Document Storage

    Containerised Storage


    At Guardian Removals, we offer document and archive storage solutions to provide companies and individuals with a safe place to store their important documents for an extended time. At Guardian, we put several security measures in place to ensure your documents are protected and can only be accessed by an authorised person. Store your records with us long-term for guaranteed protection, systematic organisation, and space efficiency.

    Containerised storage is the ideal solution for long-term storage as it benefits those who need to store their belongings for a more extended period without frequent access. At Guardian Removals, our storage containers can house up to 300 cubic feet of space, offering the perfect solution for storing larger belongings for at least 3 months, providing increased security, weather resistance, mobility, and organisation.

    Our containerised self-storage facilities provide flexible, tailored solutions to your long-term storage needs. We offer a range of self-storage units suitable for storing a few precious items or a household of possessions for any required period. We can provide storage solutions for individuals who are travelling, businesses needing extra storage space, or students returning home for the summer.

    Benefits of Long-Term Storage



    Our storage units offer high-level security, 24/7 CCTV, and state-of-the-art alarm systems. We take complete pride in ensuring that your belongings are in good hands, safe, and secure for an extended period.


    Flexible Options

    We offer a range of storage options that can house objects of various sizes. Whether you are storing household items, furniture, vehicles, or business archives, our flexible terms allow you to choose the type of storage you require and the time you wish to occupy it.


    Convenience and Accessibility

    Our expert team can provide a secure packaging service to ensure that your belongings are preserved in our storage units, allowing us to return your possessions in the same condition you left them in. When you are ready to retrieve your items, simply let us know, and our highly trained team will deliver them to your address.

    Store Your Belongings Long-Term with Guardian Removals

    At Guardian Removals, we offer competitive rates for our storage units, so you can store your belongings for any length of time without worrying about breaking the bank. We appreciate the importance of protecting your possessions for extended periods, and you can rest assured that your items will be kept safe, secure, and dry in our cheap, long-term storage units. We welcome all clients to come and view our storage facilities to give you peace of mind that we will deliver a storage solution that you are more than happy with.

    Long-Term Storage FAQs

    • What is the average monthly storage unit cost?

      The price for a storage unit depends on the type, size, and length of time you wish to store your belongings. At Guardian, we offer competitive rates for our customers while providing an exceptional service tailored to specific needs. Contact our team today for a free quotation.

    • Can I store my furniture long-term?

      Absolutely. Our large storage units are designed to offer enough storage space for you to store a range of household items, such as drawers, beds, cupboards, and excess office furniture.

    • What can I not keep in a long-term storage facility?

      Many items should not be kept in long-term storage:

      1. Perishable goods 
      2. Any living being, from plants to animals
      3. Dangerous, corrosive or explosive materials
      4. Legal documents that you cannot afford to lose or suffer damage
      5. Illicit items such as weapons or stolen artefacts