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Keeping The Kids Entertained On Moving Day

July 10, 2017 admin

We’re honest, moving isn’t simple. It can even be more of a task when you’re needing to keep the kids entertained too. It can be a challenge making sure the kids aren’t bored while you get everything ready for the move.  We know that without distractions, we can get a lot done but sometimes this isn’t possible, especially if your other family aren’t close at hand to help.

We’ve put together a list of useful tips to make sure that your kids are kept happy during the whole removal process which free’s up time for you to get packing.

Getting your children excited about the big move

So, before you start packing everything away or dismantling furniture, it’s worthwhile sitting down with your kids and letting them know exactly what’s happening. You can highlight to them that they will have a bigger garden or their own room. Making them enthusiastic about the move will make it easier on the day that its happening. They will be eager to give a hand as they would be looking forward to the move as much as you will be.

Let your kids pack their stuff

The next stage is making your kids feel part of the moving process. We suggest wrapping everything in bubble wrap and let them box the items once this is done. Kids will spend hours popping bubbles and packing away their toys. Make sure that they don’t handle fragile items that could hurt them though. When their busy doing that you can get focused on the rest of the house.

Decorating the boxes

Once they’ve packed everything away, what’s next? Decorating the boxes of course! Use felt tip pens or crayons to decorate the boxes and then they can get to work.

Have an emergency entertainment box on standby

After all the packing, your kids may feel a bit restless and tired. Do they like playing games on the tablet? This is where the entertainment box comes in. Have a few toys or games that they love playing in the entertainment box. Only use this as a last resort though as you want to keep your kids as involved as possible with the removal process.

Once you’ve arrived at your new home

Let your kids unpack their items and toys first when you arrive at the new property. They will be busy again popping that bubble wrap.

Encourage them to make a layout plan for where they want to put all their toys and which way want the position of their bed. Make them feel that this is another exciting part of the move.

By following these simple steps it can make the moving process a lot easier for you and an adventure for your kids.

Please stay up to date on our blog and if you’re looking for that next move and needing a helping hand then please give Guardian a call and we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, get in touch online.