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How To Let Your Customers Know You’ve Moved Office

July 7, 2017 admin

When you decide to move your business to new premises, there are lots of things to consider and to remember. One of the points that can easily be forgotten is letting your customers know that the big move is taking place.

At Guardian, we’ve compiled several methods you need to consider in adopting when getting the word out to your customers above the move.  Make sure that you complete these tasks well in advance so everyone gets notified.

Announce the move on your website

This is a terrific way of letting your wider audience know that your moving office. It’s worth creating a message on your website home page letting them know when the move is happening and also list the new address.

Conduct an email campaign

Don’t just leave a message on your website as not everyone will be visiting your site on the days leading up the move.  Via your contact list send out an email containing all the appropriate information about the move including the address of the office, the day of the move and contact details when the move is taking place.

Add a note with any invoices to clients

Clients pay attention to invoices as they must action on them. It’s worth to include a note with the invoice about the move. This way, your customers have the note in a hard copy form so saves them having to go online and checking the website or their email.

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Alert your customers on social channels

Using social media is a great way of informing clients of the move. Letting them know as early as possible about the moving process keeps them informed of the situation and it’s an easy way of getting the message across to a wide audience. You can turn it into a story, of the whole journey, so it keeps the customer connected to the business.

Notices in your current office

By putting a notice around your office, it can let clients know that your relocating. It also informs them of the new address too. It’s a simple method of further communicating with your customers.

Moving is stressful at the best of times with many things to think about.  Making sure your customers know about your move is vital. If you don’t, your clients could be contacting you at the wrong address and in the end you lose business.  We suggest using a blend of these digital and more traditional communication methods of informing your clients.

If you’re a business owner and looking to move office, at Guardian, we have years of experience in helping organisations in transition. Please get in contact today.