Moving house hints and tips

February 2, 2023 admin

As moving day gets closer, there are several tasks that can be done to make life easier.  At Guardian, we’ve put together some moving house hints and tips to help prepare for the arrival of our removal team.

To do List on Moving Day

Get a notebook and write everything down that needs to be done.  Tasks will be easier to delegate to friends, family or roommates if a list is in place.  Being efficient is great for moving day and ensures nothing is forgotten.

Talk With Utility Companies 

Write a list with phone number and email contacts of all of your utility suppliers, Government agencies ( council tax, driving license, passport office, insurances etc) friends, neighbours and family. Let them know in plenty of time that your moving.

Make absolutely sure your phone and internet connections are in place straight away for your new property.

Manage Your New Address

It might not be exciting but it’s important to manage your new address. It’s important to have all your mail forward to your new address so you don’t miss anything. Do this as early as possible.  Update your address at the bank, school, doctor’s surgery credit cards and other providers.

Pack The One Day Box

Ever tried to find something but can’t as the room is filled with 50 boxes? It’s not the best of situations.  To avoid this nightmare, pack an all in box with all of the things you’ll need on the first day in your new home. It could be filled with pillows, hygiene products, laptops, tablets etc. An energy bar might be something else too. Use your imagination.

Clean Before The Move

When your new home is completely empty it’s the best time to give it a good clean. Without the place being blocked with furniture, it’s the best time to reach those hard spots where dirt and dust may lay. Remember to move trash or debris into wheelie bins for collection.

Remember To Eat

Skipping meals on moving day isn’t advised. It’s important to have the right amount of energy on moving day.  Eat at the right times, whether that’s grabbing a sandwich at a local store or eating that energy bar packed away. Eating a good breakfast and a hearty lunch is vital to give yourself the energy to get you through the day.

Keep up to date on the blog and get in touch if you need any help with any aspects of your moving.