Packing The Bedroom Tips

January 16, 2018 admin

Moral items that need to arrive in pristine condition at the new home as they hold a lot of sentimental value.  This can include the large storage space like a wardrobe, the master bed and not forgetting things like lamps and TVs. We’ve put together on some tips on how to pack the room in a way that causes the least amount of stress during moving day so let’s check it out:

Packing your clothes

The first thing you should do is having wardrobe boxes close by before you start packing. These boxes aren’t run of the mill boxes. They have a bar at the top especially, so you can hang items of clothing, whether that’s suits, dresses or other special items. We suggest leaving gaps between the clothes to prevent wrinkling.  If you have packing paper, this will come in handy for important pairs of shoes as they can be wrapped carefully and individually. Pack paper in the shoes too, so their shape is kept.

Consider washing your garments before packing, and ensure that you allow the material time to dry before packing into boxes (more information here for cashmere and here for towels.).

Dismantling the bed

Most beds are different and require attention to detail. It’s important to take power tools and Allen keys as they may be used to separate different compounds of the bed.  It’s vital to keep in mind that as the bed comes apart, it also needs put back together.  Keep all the bolts, nuts and other hardware in a place you’ll remember as they will come in handy when you begin the process of putting the bed together again.

Moving other items

It’s not just beds and packing away clothes. There will be other things you need to consider too when moving things from the bedroom:

Dressers & Drawers

Dressers and drawers are moved without much fuss. Before making the move  empty the drawers so there are no collisions with items inside.


If you have expensive pieces of artwork it might be something to invest in a picture box as they can hold all your wall decorations without them damaging.

For picture frames, cover them in bubble wrap and use a small box for other items that potentially could get damaged during transit.

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