Packing Liquids

February 5, 2018 admin

When packing it’s not only stressful but also tricky. Liquid packing can come under this category. Having packed liquids in a truck travelling at fast speeds can create a number of problems. However, there are ways to prevent disaster if you can take the right care beforehand. Here are the precautions to take:

What To Pack

For packing liquids, they should be in factory sealed containers.  For minimising breakage, they should also be padded well.  During long-distance moves, there could be other issues such as getting other peoples belongings wet as their stuff will be in the moving van also. Leakages can happen from anywhere, not just from the top of the bottle or wherever its’ dispensed.  Cracks and breaks in the bottle can lead to disaster. Place buffers between each bottle so it prevents breakage due to any friction between transit.

At Guardian, we don’t advise packing liquids, but we know there are certain bottles that hold value that may not be sealed. During transit of these goods we recommend taping the top of the bottle, then placing in a plastic bag and packing it in a box with ample padding to minimise the potential problems that may arise.  Types of liquids that can be packed this way include liquid soaps, cooking oils, and gels. We feel its always better to be safe than sorry. We say it’s better to use an extra layer of protection to avoid caps jamming open or containers from breaking and causing awkward spillages.

What Not To Pack

There are certain liquids that can become potentially hazardous and shouldn’t be taken with you when you move.  The risk of leakage with explosive or flammable liquids should be taken seriously and avoided at all costs due to the risks involved. Items such as nail polish remover can be a security risk.  Paints, paint thinners and oxygen are other liquids which shouldn’t be transported.

It is important to think about what your packing and the risks involved. Generally speaking liquids can cause damage to your goods if not packed in right manner. Avoid packing the likes of nail polish and paints.

If you need more advice on the packing of liquids, then feel free to get in touch. Also, stay up to date on the blog more hints, tips and reviews from Guardian Removals.