The Vital Office Relocation Checklist

May 15, 2017 admin

It can be a daunting task to move office. It gets complicated as there is a lot to run through. You need to think about things such as how you’re going to move heavy items like tables, desks and chairs as well as how you’re going to smoothly transport private documents and IT equipment.

At Guardian Removals & Storage, we’ve created the go to checklist for relocating office. Let’s check what you need to consider:

Before Moving Office

1.   Make sure everyone in the office knows when you’re relocating and what they need to do on the date of moving day.

2.  Make sure that the office has enough space to fit everything from the previous work space. Things such as there being enough space for employees to feel comfortable to work in, IT equipment and desks.

3.  It’s important to implement a floor plan of the new office and sketch out where everything will be placed. Things such as phone lines, storage and workstations.

Digital Technology Checklist

4.  Complete an inventory of all your IT related technology.

5.  Make sure that all secure data such as customer data is locked in a secure box during transport.

6.  It’s important to have an IT specialist on hand to set up WI-FI.

How To Deal With Office Furniture

7.  Decide what office furniture you want to keep and what has had better days.

8.  Remove all the old furniture so it doesn’t get mixed up with the stuff that’s getting transported to the new office.

9.  For any modern furniture that you want for the new office, have it arrive on the day of moving day.

Document Storage

10.  Make sure that you have enough boxes and files to store documents.

11.  Implement a store plan so all staff members know where all documents are going to be kept.

On Arrival Checklist

12.  Make sure everyone has a copy of the floor plan and where everything must go.

Other Things To Think About

13.  Order new stationery, business cards and anything else related to the company so it arrives on the day you’re moving.

14.  Update the website with the new company address.

15.  Notify the post office of the change of address so you continue to get business correspondence.

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