Timeline For Moving Long Distance

December 14, 2017 admin

Moving home is never easy, while long distance moves can be even harder. It can become overwhelming planning a move far away as the tasks can pile up. It can take weeks in advance to plan out each part of the trip. Trepidation and stress can creep in for families who are not well prepared for moving day.  At Guardian, we’ve put together a timeline of what to do in the months leading up leaving your home and venturing off onto your new adventure.

2 Months Until Moving Day

Take a list of everything in your house. Create different segments; keep, sell and throw out. Chuck as much as you can as without using the likes of Guardian, it can be a difficult task carrying so many items long distance.

We suggest that you map the floor plan out of where you would like all your furniture to go. This means you have a solid idea of where you want everything to go when you arrive at the new property.

Collect all the vital documents you need for the move. This includes finance records, birth certificate and legal documents. It means you know where they all are when it comes to the big day.

Check for storage opportunities and get in contact with us at Guardian Moving & Storage who can keep any items you might not have space for, in a safe and secure environment for as long as possible.

Make sure you have everything taken care of in the new property such as plumbing, painting and all the electrical work so its ready to move into when you move.

1 Month Till Moving Day

Update your address for club subscriptions, at the bank and every other place you can think of.

A month before moving day manage all your household utilities such as internet, cable, water, gas electricity and everything you need to change when moving home.

Pack items that you won’t be using a month or so before the move. This can be books, DVDs, Christmas decorations etc. These items will be easier to pack.

Make sure you’ve got the times and dates of when you’re moving out your current property and when you’re moving to your new one so the dates don’t clash and to ensure it all goes smoothly.

1 Week Before Moving Day

Make sure any items you’ve borrowed to a friend are returned as trying to recover them when you’ve moved abroad, for example, can be tricky. This goes for items at the repair shop and dry cleaners etc too.

Have everything close at hand for the time when you travel to your new property. This could be food, water, medication or even a change of clothes. Make your own personal survival kit for moving.

Check what the weather will be like and dress accordingly.

If you’re travelling by road then ensure that the car is weather ready. So tyres, oil and everything else are in working order for the trip ahead.

The Night Before You Leave

For easy transportation then disassemble any furniture whether that’s large or small.

Disconnect all your electrical appliances including defrosting your freezer and fridge.

There are items you will use daily so put them all in one box so you have all them in easy reach once you arrive at your new place.

The Day Of Moving

Double check to make sure everything is packed and ready, so you don’t leave anything behind.

Hand over the keys to the new owners of your home or the landlord.

If you’re moving a far distance then this timeline should help you get everything ready for when the day comes to moving.

If you need a friendly and reliable removals company who have years of experience in international removals then get in touch with Guardian.