Tips for moving house in the summer

August 11, 2016 admin

The summer is usually a hectic time for families, regardless of how hard we try to relax and unwind. With the kids off school running riot in the house all day and the temperamental weather making it hard to plan anything outdoors, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to drop everything and head abroad at this time of year.

For many families, the summer is the only time of the year that they can take any significant time off to plan a house move. If the move has been poorly planned then it can quickly become far more hectic than it should be. Luckily there are plenty of ways you can take the stress out of a summer move and get back to enjoying the few rays of sunshine that actually make it to Scotland!

Get your foot in the door early

You won’t be the only family planning their house move during the summer months, and it’s highly likely that many moving companies will be booked up for most of the summer. So if there is a particular company that you’ve heard good recommendations for and you want to hire them for your move, you will want to contact them as early as possible. If you’re willing to wait until the end of summer then you can often have a better chance of getting in touch with a moving company as most families tend to try and complete their moves at the start of the summer.

If you live in a smaller house then a ‘man and van move’ might be a good option – a service that we provide. Find out more about our man and van Edinburgh service here. 

Avoid weekends

For most of the year, we don’t have much choice but to carry out house moves over the weekends, as we tend to be at work throughout the rest of the week. But during the summer, we have far more free time so moves can be completed on weekdays without any trouble. This is the best time to move house during the summer as although many people are on holiday during these months, there are still many people at work who will be carrying out their house moves during the weekend too. If you can get your move carried out in the afternoon during a weekday the roads will be much quieter and your move will be completed much faster.

Keep the kids in mind

Summer is supposed to be a fun time for kids, and most of them don’t want to be spending their holidays packing their belongings up. So it’s vital that throughout the chaos of a house move, you’re keeping the wellbeing of your kids in mind. A good way to ensure that they’re kept entertained is to get them out of the house for a few days while you’re dealing with the move. If possible they could stay with a friend or close family member. However, it’s crucial that you give them the chance to properly say goodbye to the house. For many younger kids who’ve lived in one house their whole life, it can be very emotional to say goodbye to their bedroom and the place where they were brought up, so ensure that they have sufficient time to properly bid farewell to the house.

Hold a garage sale

If you’re struggling to make space for any of your belongings in the removals van then it could be a great idea to hold your own garage sale. Summer is the perfect time for this as people won’t mind being outside and many of them will be off work too so you can attract even more buyers. You could even bake some cakes or make homemade lemonade to attract passersby to your stalls. Be on the lookout for car boot sales too as these are very popular during summer and can be a good way to offload any extra items that you don’t have room for in your new home.

Keep cool

I wouldn’t hold your breath if you’re expecting our summer to be hot, but on the off chance that we might actually get some sunshine it’s important that you’re prepared for it during the move. This is especially true if you have pets, as they may need to be kept in a separate room away from the removals team and need to be kept as comfortable as possible. The best way to ensure that everyone is kept cool during the move is to keep water at the ready and to open windows where possible (just remember to close them before you move out!)

As you can see, moving house during the summer can actually be a great idea for families who have time off during these months. But if you really want to make the most of your summer then it’s important that you don’t let your house move overtake your holidays completely. This is why we’d always suggest working with a company who can help you plan the move step by step….like us! Feel free to contact us today.