4 Trickiest Driving Areas In Edinburgh

May 6, 2016 admin

Edinburgh is synonymous with beautiful Georgian design, and nowhere is that design more apparent than when you see the various cobbled streets and roads that wind throughout the city. The cobbles certainly add to the character of Edinburgh, but they can also be make driving extremely frustrating for anyone trying to find their way around the capital city. As a removals company operating across Edinburgh, we’ve done a fair amount of driving around the city, and we can think of a few areas which are particularly hazardous. Here are some of the hardest areas to drive around in Edinburgh:

Brighton Place, Portobello

Brighton Place is a undoubtedly an attractive area of Portobello, but the roads have long been considered a hazard for drivers. Estimated to cost the city council well over £500,000 each year in repairs, plans have long been in place to completely tarmac the entire area to decrease the risk of repairs being needed. And although it would be a great shame to lose such an attractive piece of Edinburgh’s history and culture, it would almost certainly help to improve the safety of the roads. However, driving slowly is usually enough to avoid any problems when travelling across Brighton Place, but don’t drive too slowly!

Royal Mile

Need we say more? The Royal Mile in Edinburgh has long been considered one of the most frustrating areas in the city to drive around, and the cobbled roads certainly don’t help to make it any easier. But the Royal Mile is so iconic and special to the people of Edinburgh that it’s highly unlikely that there will ever be any serious renovation work carried out on the roads there. So expect to be frustrated for many years to come!

What are the most expensive areas in Edinburgh?


Yep, we’re going to include the whole of Leith in this list. It’s estimated that around 5% of the streets in Edinburgh are cobbled, and the majority of that 5% must be based in Leith. It certainly adds to the character of the area, but it also makes it one of the trickiest places to drive through in the city.

Frederick Street

With a wide selection of restaurants and hotels populating the surrounding area, including the famous fruit market gallery, Frederick Street is definitely a high-traffic part of Edinburgh. But the amount of vehicles driving along this street every day hasn’t helped the condition of the cobbles, most of which were originally laid in the 19th century. The fact that there is a hill to navigate makes it even more frustrating for drivers, and the entire street could do with a bit of TLC.

So there are 4 of the trickiest areas to drive around in Edinburgh. We’ve navigated all of these in our removals vehicles, and although it can be frustrating, we wouldn’t want it any other way. These roads are an important part of the cultural history of Edinburgh, and they add to the beauty of the city. Plus, they never prevent us from getting to where we need to be!

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