Moving House Checklist For Central Scotland – Links


1. We suggest stacking plates like you would with music records. Stack them in a vertical manner instead of laying the plates flat in the box. This way you’re able to fit more plates into each box.

2. Instead of folding your clothes in a suitcase. Use an old army trick and roll them. Using this hack means you make more space.

3. When moving boxes is best to label boxes on all sides. If boxes are only labelled on one side then when you’re trying to find it in your garage the side that’s labelled will no doubt be up against the wall. To avoid this annoying problem, label all sides.

4. It’s important to use cling film when moving drawers in transit. By doing this it leaves the drawers in place so they don’t fall out.

5. This is a funny one but a good trick. Use empty toilet rolls to store wires and cables. It’s quite simple. Wrap the wires into a ball then stuff them into the empty toilet roll. Then it becomes easy to transport.

6. Wrap table legs with furniture. This way it ensures they don’t get damaged.

7. A good tip is to place string under the tape when taping up boxes. Leave a trail of string at the end and when you need to open your box pull the string and the box will open with the tape. This saves using scissors.

8. Using a suitcase to carry heavy items such as books can save time and is also a safer option. Using this option make it easy to wheel away and saves carrying heavy boxes.

9. It’s another good trick to keep items undamaged during transit by using pillows as padding. Put a bunch of old pillows in a garbage sack and seal it closed.

10. Some boxes don’t have pre-cut handles so it’s a good tip to cut handles yourself into the side of boxes if you need to.

11. To save money on bubble wrap it’s a good idea to wrap plates for example in old clothes. This will keep plates secure during the move.

12. Take with you only the stuff with you that you NEED. Moving to a new house is a great way to declutter and get rid of old items you don’t need anymore.

13. Moving home is an excuse to eat everything in your home! Eat and drink as much as you want before you leave as taking all these foods with you is quite pointless.

14. Keep the kids occupied when arriving at your new house. They will need to be occupied once you get there. Clearly label boxes which are kids boxes so you can clearly find them.

15. Finally, our last tip is, don’t fill large boxes with heavy items as they will be too heavy.

Local Councils 

Fife Council

Edinburgh Council

Stirling Council



Edinburgh Travelodge

Stirling Youth Hostel

Lodge of Edinburgh (dogs welcome)

Thurston Manor Doggy Lodge (East Lothian)


Useful Stores 

Ikea Edinburgh

Stirling TK Maxx


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