Save Time When Moving

November 14, 2017 admin

Moving day comes with a mixture of emotions. You’re moving to your dream home, so you will be excited, happy and maybe a bit stressed too. At Guardian Moving & Storage we take the stress away with helping you with the full process.

We like to give advice where we can in any aspect of moving. So, we’ve put together the go to moving checklist that saves you time for when the big day arrives.  If you’re packing your belongings yourself, it’s a timely task as its needs completed properly. It can be a costly exercise if completed wrongly in terms of items being broken.  If you make time when packing yourself, when moving day arrives it can be a stress and breakage free experience. Check these tips out that will save you time when it comes to moving home.

  1. Prepare a moving schedule and moving to a new house checklist

The sooner you start thinking about the move the easier it will be. By implementing a moving schedule, a month or so before the due date is a terrific way to ensure that the move goes stress free.  It will help avoid any last-minute headaches if you make a list of the tasks that need to be completed now instead of later.

Check out our other blog on what you should put in a moving schedule.

  1. Chuck what you don’t need

Time will be wasted if you take all your unwanted goods with you that over the years you’ve accumulated. It’s time to have a good clear out. Go through your home, room by room and look at what you really need. To get rid of unwanted items you can donate items to charity or have a garage sale.

  1. Buy all your packing materials for moving in advance

In advance of the move, we suggest obtaining or buying boxes and other materials. It would cost you time if you had to run around looking for boxes to pack with on the day when you’re moving. You’ll need boxes that can take the weight and have tape and other materials to seal them.  A marker pen will also come in handy so you can mark the boxes, so they don’t get mixed up.

  1. Take time and pack one room at a time

One packing tip which we think saves time is choosing one room and packing everything in that room first.

If you’re packing in advance, then we suggest packing items you don’t need until later and leave out essentials.

  1. Do your reminiscing early!

One thing that we see time and time again is people not reminiscing or taking time out to remember the good times at their old property. Take time out before you start packing to do this, because if you do it on the day on the move it will take even more time up and you might not even get everything done in time.

  1. Pack carefully

It’s important to wrap breakables in bubble wrap and to pad out boxes with bed linen or bath towels to provide a cushion effect against outside damage.  The secret to this is to not to leave space for items to rattle around in during transit.

  1. Remember someone has to lift the boxes!

Pack in a clever way. For items such as books, spread the load and pack the heavy items at the bottom of various boxes, not the same one. This means, heavy items won’t spill out the bottom and nobody will have a back injury and need to go to A&E.

  1. Pack a ‘last to go box’ and an emergency kit

Keep back things you will need on the day of the move.  You’ll need things such as your toiletries, cold drinks, snacks and maybe some plasters.

  1. Make a floor plan of your new home

Create a floor plan of where you want all your furniture to go. Do this in advance as it can take time deciding where everything is going and it can add to the stress of move day. It’s a far easier and a quick-fire method.

  1. Unpack a room at a time

By unpacking one room at a time, it will make the process easier once you arrive at your new home.  Put away your belongings, rearrange furniture and complete one room at a time as this will make sure you unpack all the boxes right there and then. Once this is complete you can finally enjoy your new surroundings.

Please get in touch if you would rather a reliable and customer focused removals comapny to take care of the job for you and keep up to date on the blog for more information from the moving and storage industry.