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Downsizing – Making the Most Of Your Space

At Guardian, we know that moving home can be overwhelming at times. It can also be exciting, with many housing options out there to choose from. The amount of choice you have obviously depends on the budget you have to rent or to buy a place. It will also depend on the type of place

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About The Guardian Team

People want to work for us. We only employ exceptional people capable of looking after you. Your initial enquiry will be taken by our office team – Linda and Jordan. Both of them have many years’ experience helping people and businesses move. Once your appointment is arranged our sales director Darren will deal with your needs

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Student Moving Guide In 4 Simple Steps

We’re into the last month of summer and University isn’t that long away. Where has all the time gone? It’s time to think about heading back to studying after a long break away from College or University. You’ll need a hand to move all your stuff back into the dorm and whether you’re from Edinburgh,

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4 Tips How To Reduce Stress When Moving

Moving home isn’t the easiest thing to cope with. The stress can build and build. There’s a lot that you go through prior to moving home. Finding a home, all the legalities and if you have a family, it adds to the stress too. A lot happens that’s out of your control. The thing is,

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Keeping The Kids Entertained On Moving Day

We’re honest, moving isn’t simple. It can even be more of a task when you’re needing to keep the kids entertained too. It can be a challenge making sure the kids aren’t bored while you get everything ready for the move.  We know that without distractions, we can get a lot done but sometimes this

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How To Let Your Customers Know You’ve Moved Office

When you decide to move your business to new premises, there are lots of things to consider and to remember. One of the points that can easily be forgotten is letting your customers know that the big move is taking place. At Guardian, we’ve compiled several methods you need to consider in adopting when getting

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The Vital Office Relocation Checklist

It can be a daunting task to move office. It gets complicated as there is a lot to run through. You need to think about things such as how you’re going to move heavy items like tables, desks and chairs as well as how you’re going to smoothly transport private documents and IT equipment. At

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When Is the Best Time to Move?

The term “New year, new me” may come to mind for some as we’re still only seven weeks into 2017. This might mean moving home and making a fresh start somewhere new. You might be asking yourself, “when is the best time of year to move house?”

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Princes Street Gardens

We are extremely happy to call Scotland’s capital our home. Edinburgh is a majestic and beautiful city that is host to the most iconic of Royal Estates in Scotland, and beautiful period architecture; most notably Georgian, and Elizabethan. The centrepiece of this sublime city is the Princes Street Gardens which runs from Waverly Bridge (Waverly

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